A step into a new beginning…

A thought about new beginnings…

The first step onto a new path is always the hardest. We often think about the obstacles that we have overcome and the ones still yet to be revealed and falter at the thought of the work needed to put in to push forward. That’s what this is all about- moving forward. Regardless of the fears that  hold us back, we must be vigilant in always moving forward. Moving forward requires action,  the tenacity to bound over those difficulties in life in the pursuit of your dreams.  Dreams are beautiful, they are what inspires us to push the boundaries to achieve the impossible. Within our dreams,  nothing is impossible…the boundaries disappear. Manifesting those dreams takes blood, sweat and a  yes a few tears. But nothing beats the feeling of a dream – a promise- fulfilled. And that is exactly what  a dream is: it is a promise made to yourself.

I was a child when I made the promise to share  the world through my eyes . Now as  a woman, I am restless with determination. I am determined burst open those doors previously closed to me, to explore everything without inhibitions. I am determined fulfill my dreams. I am determined to step onto that path of new beginnings without fear.

Failure is not an option.

So, join me , if you will, on my journey. Here you’ll find me at my best sharing my life’s passion through the written word. 


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