A Quick Thought


 A Quick Thought

 As I watched the horror unravel this week, I couldn’t help but think about the little things in life. The things we tend to forget as we rush headlong into the day before us. Do we often think twice about kissing our kids before ushering them off to school? Do we take the time to encourage them, impress upon them the love we have for them? Do we take the moment to explore ourselves introspectively before diving into the rat race?  How many times have you thought absently that you may have left the iron on, or questioned if you left the door unlocked. Do you ever questioned if you’d told that significant person in your life that you loved them?   If anything, the tragedy of these senseless acts should not act as a reminder to express yourself especially to the ones you love.

 Fear shouldn’t be the qualifying factor in love.

 There’s nothing worse than missed opportunities; the next moment isn’t guaranteed for any of us.  It’s time we realized that and act accordingly.

Take the time to relish the simplest things in life.   You may be surprised at what you are missing.


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