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L. V. Lewis

Audio Book CoverIn the midst of writing book two of the Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy, I was presented with the extraordinary opportunity to publish Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever as an audiobook via ACX. This organization provides self-published and indie authors the ability to sell their works on,, and iTunes.

This platform will give readers on-the-go, the visually impaired, and readers who prefer a more dramatic flair to their books the ability to listen to the story being peformed by a professional narrator. I was fortunate to enough to hire the exquisite Marie Hélène, aka Delectable Voice to bring life to Keisha, Tristan, and their host of family and friends.iJnclDt4CFxePD8VgG6vlPMRsnkzAAKRezaKavUNbBQ

The audiobook is set to debut in Early August (Sorry I couldn’t give you a more definitive date. We believe it will be around about August 9th), but once it becomes available, the soundcloud link below will be populated with the purchase…

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Hello everyone,

For those of you who already know of the fierceness of The Black, you will be salivating for his next installment in the Insatiable series. For those who are not yet acquainted with this talented man’s work, I have a few recs for you : Black Satin (fire), Elle (scorching), and With Benefits (smoldering).

That’s just a few to get you started.

If you want another phenomenal read, you’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Believe me, it’s worth the wait!   There’s a taste below:





Danger Comes Close Segment # 13

 Hi all! It was brought to my notice that the segment hadn’t posted on my blog. I am doing so right now. I hope you enjoy the latest installment!




Kyle watched Norm as the sounds came closer and tightened his grip on the butt of the gun, wary of shifting his attention. Norm may have been filthy and somewhat dimwitted but what he lacked in intelligence was made up for in determination and money was definitely his sole motivator. The maniacal glint in his eyes had dimmed but never disappeared and Kyle knew he’d have to keep his eyes trained on the convict. His survival predicated on maintaining the advantage and although he’d strengthened that edge, his wound was taking its toll. Already, he’d felt the tremors, the onset of fever beginning to ravage his body. It had been a foolhardy move to pit himself against Norm but it was necessary; with Jayde as a distraction, Norm would have manipulated the situation and gained the upper hand. Kyle tried not to think of the horrors the older man would visit upon the lovely young woman and as he shifted his weight, he’d began to reconcile that even if he did meet his demise this cold, wintry night, he would have saved the young woman’s life. That in itself was enough for him.

The dull pain in his leg roared to life and he blinked rapidly as his arm faltered slightly, his grip lessening. Quickly, he shook off the momentary lull, knowing that Norm would exploit any perceived weaknesses. Steadying his aim once more, he took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, attempting to focus on Norm’s greasy smile. There was a hint of something dwelling in those dark orbs and Kyle could feel the tension rippling in the air between them. Norm was going to make a final push, one more try to topple the scales of power.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Kyle hissed as the pain coursed through his body, “you see me, you see my leg and you’re thinking that you can take me.” Gaining a second wind, Kyle steadied the gun in his hand, “Let me dissuade you of any misconceptions. I’m an expert marksman; you’d be on the floor with a bullet between your eyes quicker than you can spit.”

Norm grunted and shook his head, raising his hands in supplication, “You’re the boss, kid. Right now, you’re standing tall but I give you another hour before that fucked up leg of yours starts to give you some problems.”

As if on cue, Kyle’s leg began to throb and he reached for it with his free hand, grimacing as the wave of pain seemed to drown him almost instantly.  He was in trouble and as he lifted his eyes to train them back on Norm, he saw the recognition in his smug expression as he slowly reached back and pulled up a chair.  Kyle followed every movement with his eyes, his aim never wavering.  Norm was biding his time, lying in wait for the moment that Kyle succumbed.

“Looks like I may have been off by a few minutes. Thirty minutes and you’ll be too far gone to even put up a decent fight.” Norm leaned down and placed his elbows on his knees, concentrating his beady glare on the younger man, “Your brother got it easy. I’m going to make it real hard for you, sonny. Your hero act threw a serious kink in my plan.”

“Let me guess,” Kyle responded breathlessly, “you were going to kill us all, take the girl and ride into the sunset in search of your treasure, right?”

“Bingo! That pretty young thang would’ve made life on the run so much more interesting- if I’d let her live that long.” Norm sat back and grinned deviously, “She would’ve been good for only a couple hours, I’d say. Get my fill of that luscious body.”  He narrowed his eyes and licked his lips, “Yeah, that honey would’ve been the perfect night cap. Maybe I’ll go lookin’ for her once I take care of you. They couldn’t have gotten far in this shitty weather.”

“Well, it’s up to me to keep you occupied then.” Kyle hoped that they’d made good time but as he listened to the wind howling just beyond the door, he would wager that they wouldn’t have put much distance between them and the cabin.

It was up to him to neutralize Norm, by any means necessary.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jason muttered as he gripped the wheel tightly. He glanced at Jayde  and sighed heavily , wondering just what it was  about her that had him questioning even his own logic.  She’d been  at the forefront of his dreams since they were little  and even after she’d given him the  just friends spiel,  he couldn’t just let go. He loved her dearly, and as evidenced by his inability to  say no to her, he would do anything to  make her happy.  And apparently, that included returning  to the hell hole that he’d snatched her from under the guise of rescuing Harris. Sure, he’d been adamant about why they couldn’t go back but the moment he’d seen those pleading eyes, he groaned in concession. He would do her bidding but he had a concession of his own: she would have to stay in the truck while he retrieved Harris. At first, she wasn’t nearly as accommodating as Jason had been but he stressed the fact that he had a weapon and she didn’t. Logic dictated that he would be the one to extract the wounded man.

Jason focused on the road ahead and shook his head, “You know, he could already be dead and we’d be walking into a trap.”

“Yes, that’s true, he could be dead. But what if he’s not; what if he’s alive, Jason?”  Jayde cast her gaze out into the inky darkness, the eerie glow of the snow around them making her shiver. She wasn’t a fan of returning to the cabin but she wasn’t about to let an innocent man die. She had to do something As they crested a snow drift, she peered ahead and saw the faint outline of the cabin before them, the sight of it causing her heart to pound in her chest. Yes, she was petrified but her conscious wouldn’t let her leave a man out here to die.

Hello all,

Tuesday has arrived once again and has brought along with it another installment of The Danger Project: Danger Comes Close. This week, the illustrious Deidra Ds Green has added to the mystery and intrigue. Immerse yourself in the twist and turns of the latest chapter here and once you’re done, take a little time to explore the world of Deidra and her offerings.

Enjoy and tune in next week when I take on an entire segment on my own!


Meet our newest writer to the Danger Project, Margaret Johnson!

Dee; Your Virtual Personal Assistant

Meet Margaret Johnson, our most recent writer to join our round table for the Danger Project!

Margaret Johnson face pic

Hello all,

I’m Margaret I’m thirty-five years old and I hail from North Carolina. I’ve had a love affair with words since I was a young child and throughout the years, it has morphed into more than just a hobby. I am passionate about showing the world my perspective through words. I am passionate about my craft ; I am diligently working on my first manuscript and through all the blood, sweat and tears, I am determined to let my voice be heard.

I have many roles in my life

I am a daughter,

I am a mother,

I am a lover

But most importantly,

I am a writer.

Margaret is co-writing with Cassandra Baker Durham this week.

You can find her segments on her blog, Pen & Quill.

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The Danger Project- Segment 11

Hello all!

I’ve had the honor of being asked to participate in contributing to a round robin facilitated by the great Nikki Walker.  This project is titled The Danger Project: Danger Comes Close. Today we release, the 11th segment featuring the awesome Cassandra Baker Durham and myself. You can find  Nikki’s blog here.  Feel free to explore Nikki’s fabulous world- and catch up on the latest happenings with the Danger Project. Without further ado, I give you, The Danger Project: Danger Comes Close- Segment 11.

 Danger Comes  Close – Segment 11 by Cassandra Durham Baker & Margaret Johnson

“The air cracked and popped from the static blurring through on the radio airwaves. Jason desperately clawed his way towards the truck dragging Jade behind him. Jade coughed and gasped as the frigid night air filled her lungs. “Just a few more steps just a few more steps,” she encouraged herself. She imaged that she must look like the tin-man in the Wizard of Oz movie the heaviness of her legs pressed down crushing her ankles.

Jason reached the side of the truck, the trapped heat felt like Palm Spring on their freezing skin.

“Get in,” he grunted as her body slowly melted as she slid across the leather seat.

“Come on, come on,” she cried. Her finger ignited a slow burn starting on his thigh, when she touched him.

“Put your seat belt on.” His eyes focused straight ahead.

“Hurry, please,” she began to cry.

The deafening silence on the mountain was eerily loud. Each of them glancing backwards to be sure they were not being followed as they began their treacherous descent down the mountain.  Although steadily warming, Jayde wrapped her arms about her body, attempting to quell the tremors. She’d looked danger in the eyes once more and once again, she’d found a way to escape, to survive. As they churned through the packed snow, her frantic mind began to calm and she relaxed a measure, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Her solitude, her peace had been forever shattered but in light of what could’ve happened, she felt blessed.

“Are you okay?” Jason’s gentle query caught Jayde off guard and she reacted, jumping slightly and opening her eyes. Turning toward him, she silently studied Jason, the words she wanted to say dying on her tongue. Instead, she fought to contain her raging emotions, realizing that it was the last thing that either one of them needed.  Despite her valiant effort, a tear escaped and she hastily reached to swipe it away, the cool tips of her fingers glancing across her cheek. She’d survived Carlos, survived his violent tendencies and was growing stronger. Now, after what she’d just experienced, she felt as if she’d been slammed back into the dark vortex of fear and trepidation.

She most certainly was not okay.

“The quicker we get away from the cabin , the better I’ll be,” Jayde answered adroitly.  She focused on the dark road ahead of them, the heavy flurries illuminated by the truck’s head lights. A strained silence descended between them and Jayde replayed the events of the evening in her head, chastising her stubborn ways. If she’d listened, if she trusted those who were only trying to help, she would have never met her intruders, never been so close to danger once more. She would have never felt compelled to trust a stranger, a man who arrived with the motley crew of convicts under the guise of being one of them.

He was there, alone and injured, facing certain death.

And he needed help.

“We have to go back,” Jayde announced her voice surprisingly steady. The strength in that declaration confounded her but she knew she couldn’t turn a blind eye to someone in need.  She’d been that person before, the one who suffered silently under a ruthless hand, holding only a glimmer of hope that someone would come and rescue her. Although she’d seen and recognized the familiar resignation in Kyle’s eyes, that didn’t dissuade her in the least bit.  She had to do something to save him. Only one obstacle appeared in front of her.


And just as she suspected, he’d cut his eyes at her, his own expression mixed with surprise and indignation, “You’re kidding , right? Jayde, I just snatched you from the grips of certain death and you want to go back?”

“We can’t leave him there Jason. They’re going to kill him,” Jayde explained as she turned to face him fully. The heat in the cab had done its job and she’d felt somewhat invigorated by its warmth caress.  She stared Jason down as she continued, “He’s an undercover agent, Jason. If they find out, they’ll kill him for sure.”

“I know,” Jason answered as he refocused on the road ahead of them, “I know all about Kyle Harris but that doesn’t change a damn thing, Jayden. He knows what he’s doing, he’s a professional at this sort of thing. He can handle himself.”

“He’s injured, Jason!”

“He instructed me to get you as far away as I could from the cabin, Jayde. He was adamant about that. We’re not going back.” Jason’s voice took on a soft tone but that steadfast determination that she’d grown accustomed to surface and she knew the issue was dead in the water.



Kyle watched through feverish eyes as Manny struggled to hold Norm at bay, willing his body to cooperate. Manny with his criminal tendencies had all heart but not the conviction it took to take on a man like Norm. Kyle knew this and knew for certain that Manny would catch the bullet before he did, simply because he dared to fight back. Kyle could see the cold, murderous glint in Norm’s eyes and knew he’d been dead on the money about the man. He wasn’t interested in sharing a damn thing; he , Manny , and  the now deceased Jack had simply been a means to an end. Even though Norm’s plan had gone to hell in a  hand basket, that hadn’t  been enough to stop him. He was now intending to take care of the loose ends.

All at once, the scuffle ended and Kyle blinked away the sweat that had dropped into his eyes, unsure of what he was seeing.  Two bodies lay prone on the floor and for a second, neither one of them moved. It wasn’t until Norm showed signs of life that Kyle understood what had happened.  As Norm approached, Kyle kept his eyes on his brother’s body, his eyes affixed to the growing red stain on his chest.

“Well, it looks like it’s just you and me, little brother,” Norm slurred as he wiped his hand across his lips. Kyle finally pulled his attention to the towering man and  felt the rage build as he  stopped just a few inches from his face. The stench of his body odor and the food he’d ingested  sickened Kyle but his gaze never faltered. He stared right into Norm’s vacant eyes as the man snickered, “I’m going to make short work of you , kid.  This won’t take long at all, I guarantee you that.”