Danger Comes Close Segment # 13

 Hi all! It was brought to my notice that the segment hadn’t posted on my blog. I am doing so right now. I hope you enjoy the latest installment!




Kyle watched Norm as the sounds came closer and tightened his grip on the butt of the gun, wary of shifting his attention. Norm may have been filthy and somewhat dimwitted but what he lacked in intelligence was made up for in determination and money was definitely his sole motivator. The maniacal glint in his eyes had dimmed but never disappeared and Kyle knew he’d have to keep his eyes trained on the convict. His survival predicated on maintaining the advantage and although he’d strengthened that edge, his wound was taking its toll. Already, he’d felt the tremors, the onset of fever beginning to ravage his body. It had been a foolhardy move to pit himself against Norm but it was necessary; with Jayde as a distraction, Norm would have manipulated the situation and gained the upper hand. Kyle tried not to think of the horrors the older man would visit upon the lovely young woman and as he shifted his weight, he’d began to reconcile that even if he did meet his demise this cold, wintry night, he would have saved the young woman’s life. That in itself was enough for him.

The dull pain in his leg roared to life and he blinked rapidly as his arm faltered slightly, his grip lessening. Quickly, he shook off the momentary lull, knowing that Norm would exploit any perceived weaknesses. Steadying his aim once more, he took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, attempting to focus on Norm’s greasy smile. There was a hint of something dwelling in those dark orbs and Kyle could feel the tension rippling in the air between them. Norm was going to make a final push, one more try to topple the scales of power.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Kyle hissed as the pain coursed through his body, “you see me, you see my leg and you’re thinking that you can take me.” Gaining a second wind, Kyle steadied the gun in his hand, “Let me dissuade you of any misconceptions. I’m an expert marksman; you’d be on the floor with a bullet between your eyes quicker than you can spit.”

Norm grunted and shook his head, raising his hands in supplication, “You’re the boss, kid. Right now, you’re standing tall but I give you another hour before that fucked up leg of yours starts to give you some problems.”

As if on cue, Kyle’s leg began to throb and he reached for it with his free hand, grimacing as the wave of pain seemed to drown him almost instantly.  He was in trouble and as he lifted his eyes to train them back on Norm, he saw the recognition in his smug expression as he slowly reached back and pulled up a chair.  Kyle followed every movement with his eyes, his aim never wavering.  Norm was biding his time, lying in wait for the moment that Kyle succumbed.

“Looks like I may have been off by a few minutes. Thirty minutes and you’ll be too far gone to even put up a decent fight.” Norm leaned down and placed his elbows on his knees, concentrating his beady glare on the younger man, “Your brother got it easy. I’m going to make it real hard for you, sonny. Your hero act threw a serious kink in my plan.”

“Let me guess,” Kyle responded breathlessly, “you were going to kill us all, take the girl and ride into the sunset in search of your treasure, right?”

“Bingo! That pretty young thang would’ve made life on the run so much more interesting- if I’d let her live that long.” Norm sat back and grinned deviously, “She would’ve been good for only a couple hours, I’d say. Get my fill of that luscious body.”  He narrowed his eyes and licked his lips, “Yeah, that honey would’ve been the perfect night cap. Maybe I’ll go lookin’ for her once I take care of you. They couldn’t have gotten far in this shitty weather.”

“Well, it’s up to me to keep you occupied then.” Kyle hoped that they’d made good time but as he listened to the wind howling just beyond the door, he would wager that they wouldn’t have put much distance between them and the cabin.

It was up to him to neutralize Norm, by any means necessary.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jason muttered as he gripped the wheel tightly. He glanced at Jayde  and sighed heavily , wondering just what it was  about her that had him questioning even his own logic.  She’d been  at the forefront of his dreams since they were little  and even after she’d given him the  just friends spiel,  he couldn’t just let go. He loved her dearly, and as evidenced by his inability to  say no to her, he would do anything to  make her happy.  And apparently, that included returning  to the hell hole that he’d snatched her from under the guise of rescuing Harris. Sure, he’d been adamant about why they couldn’t go back but the moment he’d seen those pleading eyes, he groaned in concession. He would do her bidding but he had a concession of his own: she would have to stay in the truck while he retrieved Harris. At first, she wasn’t nearly as accommodating as Jason had been but he stressed the fact that he had a weapon and she didn’t. Logic dictated that he would be the one to extract the wounded man.

Jason focused on the road ahead and shook his head, “You know, he could already be dead and we’d be walking into a trap.”

“Yes, that’s true, he could be dead. But what if he’s not; what if he’s alive, Jason?”  Jayde cast her gaze out into the inky darkness, the eerie glow of the snow around them making her shiver. She wasn’t a fan of returning to the cabin but she wasn’t about to let an innocent man die. She had to do something As they crested a snow drift, she peered ahead and saw the faint outline of the cabin before them, the sight of it causing her heart to pound in her chest. Yes, she was petrified but her conscious wouldn’t let her leave a man out here to die.


3 thoughts on “Danger Comes Close Segment # 13

  1. Nikk Walker says:

    Great writing as usual! Loved it!

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