What’s on my desk…

Because I just love to write and will write whatever comes to mind, I have a plethora of works in progress just simmering on my hard drive. My mind works like a revolving door and sometimes, it contributes to many a story laying dormant for months on end until I finally make my way back to it. My muse is fickle that way- whatever he deems necessary to talk about, he’ll talk about. Such is the case with my ongoing IR WIP, The Lonely Girl Chronicles.    The Lonely Girl Chronicles is a collection of erotic stories revolving around   the plight of four everyday career women looking for the one thing they believe they are lacking to have a rich, fulfilling life: sizzling passion, illicit lust, and life affirming love. The first story focuses on Margaret Lewiston, an up and coming analyst for a major firm, who survives her lonely existence by throwing herself into her work in the hopes that she wouldn’t have to suffer hours of loneliness that awaits her at the end of the day. When she meets Andy Yukov, an IT analyst, the catalyst for change begins.

And so, I present the first chapter of my WIP The Lonely Girl Chronicles.


Warning:  Some scenes contain explicit sex and strong language. Please be advised.


Chapter One: Ruminations and Desirelonely girl


Margaret pushed her glasses further up her nose, her brow crinkling as she stared at the screen, attempting to make heads or tails of what she was seeing. This couldn’t be happening to her, not when she was against a deadline- a deadline that would probably make or break her job. Since joining the acquisitions department a year ago, Margaret had worked diligently, often going beyond the call of duty to show her worth but for all of her efforts, there had been no celebratory pats on the backs or glasses overrunning with champagne. No, those were saved for the faces of the department, the drop dead beauties that seemed to pose at their desks instead of actually putting in the work. It was the way of the world for Margaret; she’d always been the type to keep her head down and her shoulder to the grind to finish the job while others got the recognition. Just once, she wanted to break the shell she’d molded for herself, shatter the misconceived notion that she was worthless…

Just once I want someone to notice me, she thought absently as she averted her eyes from the screen, slipping off her glasses. Massaging her eyes, she exhaled and then sat back, taking a look at the now deserted office. As usual, she was the last one to leave, burning the midnight oil in order to meet the demands while her coworkers had left hours ago, no doubt having the life she’d only dreamed about.  It was Friday, for crying out loud, and she was stuck to her keyboard as if the fate of the world depended on one missing comma.

Anger suffused through her  as she stood and stretched,  again taking in the silence and the darkness, annoyed that her life amounted to the same boring ritual. She wanted excitement, she wanted passion, and she wanted to feel the rhythm of life pulsating through her veins.  In her fantasies, she had all she’d ever desired but she could only live in that fantasy land for so long before the harsh reality crashed down around her. She was lonely and judging by where she was at nine o’clock on a Friday night, that status wasn’t about to change.

Defeated, she sat back down and snatched up her glasses, determined to at least finish her work.  When she was done, she could go home and forget about her lonely existence, hopefully catching up on all the shows she’d missed through the week.  Perhaps when she was done with that, she would surf the net, hoping that her online friends were actually online.

“I’m pathetic. Simply pathetic,” she whispered harshly as she scooted her chair closer to her computer. Just as she was about to start working again, her work disappeared and in its place, a black screen appeared with the words that caused chills to run down her spine.

Error, please strike any key to reboot the system…

Margaret struck the enter key and closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them, her work would magically appear.  Holding her breath, she slowly opened her eyes to see the same words once more and hit the enter key again, watching as those words seemed to multiply, spelling her doom.

Error, please strike any key to reboot the system…

Error, please strike any key to reboot the system…

Error, please strike any key to reboot the system…

Error, please strike any key to reboot the system…

“Fuck!” Margaret groaned as she slammed her hands on her desk. If she couldn’t retrieve her work, she was as good as gone. This simply wouldn’t work. Standing, she glanced at the screen once more, feeling the anxiety as it slowly bubbled to the surface. She had to fix this; she had to get this right…but how?

“IT, you idiot,” she chastised herself aloud. Moving quickly for her phone, she sat down and stared at the screen, dialing the number to the IT department. Hopefully, she wasn’t the only one left in the building. She was depending on some lowly tech geek as lonely as her who’d decided to stick it out in the office instead of trudging home to wallow in his loneliness. At that thought, Margaret snickered mirthlessly and ran a hand through her bone straight hair, realizing that was exactly what she was doing.

“IT department, Andrew Yukov speaking, how may I help you?”

Russian… At the sound of the deep accented voice, Margaret sat up straight and pulled her hand out of her hair and fixed it back, preening as if  this hyper masculine voice could see her through the line. Immediately, she imagined how the man attached to the voice would look, the dark intensity in his gaze as he fucked her with his eyes or the demanding presence that made her body quiver with anticipation. Almost instantly, Margaret felt the warm moisture pooling between her legs as she let her imagination run wild, images of this dark, brooding man pushing her against the wall and stripping her of her lace panties.

Yes, that’s right, laced panties. Just because she was lonely didn’t mean that she had to resort to wearing granny panties. She’d taken pride in her assortment of racy lingerie and got a kick out of wearing them because she knew that her outward appearance was only a fraction of who she really was. Underneath all that conservative veneer laid a predatory seductress, lying in wait for her prey.

And right now, she imagined that the sexy voice on the other line was looping her legs through his arms and hiking her against the wall of her cubicle, lining her up.  She could practically feel his dick as it invaded her tight hole, filling her completely. Margaret’s pulse jumped as he began to pump into her with abandon, thrusting her back against the unforgiving wall. She ran her nails down his back, annoyed that she couldn’t mark him but was rewarded with him pounding her pussy as if he simply couldn’t  get enough.

“You like it rough, don’t you?”

She wet her lips decorously as he began to thrust like a piston into her, pushing her to the precipice of   passion. He was relentless in his quest to make her come and he grunted like a beast in heat as he slammed his hips against hers almost violently, ripping a scream from her lips. It seemed as if he took her in this manner for hours, her sex quivering and devouring his dick wantonly. She was made for a good hard screw, her wide hips and strong legs giving him something to work for and when she flexed her sex and swallowed his dick, she grinned as he responded in kind, bellowing in anguished victory as he took her quickly.

Margaret could feel her body shifting as the warmth bloomed from deep within. She looked up into his eyes and smiled, feeling every bit of the sex kitten she believed she was.  As he mastered her body, she leaned forward and kissed him, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. It seemed only fair; he was fucking the shit out of her , the least she could do was fuck him with her tongue.  Her kiss had its desired effect; she could feel his body constricting around hers. He was ready and he was determined to fall over that edge, bringing her with him…

 “Eh, hello, are you there?”

“Damn,” Margaret panted heavily.  The calm, accented voice had brought her back to her reality and she shook her head and placed her hand on her chest, feeling the erratic beat of her heart under her palm. Shifting in the chair, she moaned slightly as the evidence of her arousal began to pool in her laced panties, making her just as hot as she had been in the throes of her passion filled fantasy. After a moment, she took a deep breath and answered, “Yes, I’m here, Mr. Yukov. I think I need your help.”

“Ah, tell me the problem and I can see if I can help you, ah…”

“Ms. Lewiston , Margaret Lewiston.”

“Alright, Ms. Lewiston, I’m Andrew, please call me Andy.”

I’ll call you a Popsicle if you’d let me suck… Margaret thought lewdly. Again she shifted in her seat, relishing the sensation of her wetness. She bit her lip and forced herself to reign in her lustful passions, attempting to focus on the problem at hand. She had to recover her work if she wanted to have a job to come to on Monday.

Clearing her throat, she spoke, “Alright, Andy. I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I’m having with my computer. I was working on a very important project and the screen just went blank. I followed the prompts and nothing happened.” A long silence followed and Margaret gripped the phone frantically, “Andy…are you there?”

“Ah…yes, I am, ah…here. You say that the screen just went blank?”

Okay, what’s his malfunction? Margaret thought as she arched a brow. Deciding to keep her sharp tongue out of it, she answered, “Yeah, just like that. Is there any way I can recover what I was working on?” More silence. “Andy?”

“Yeah, it, eh…it sounds like the server may have crashed. Just one moment, please…”

Margaret sat back in her seat and crossed her legs, chancing a glance at the small mirror that was hanging on her wall. She studied her  big, round brown eyes hidden by her glasses, her thick, dark eye lashes, and her button nose, seeing hints of both the Native American and African American blood that ran through her veins. Her warm caramel hued skin wasn’t flawless but it wasn’t completely damaged and her plump lips seemed to balance her face perfectly. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous like the faces, to be sure, but she wasn’t half bad…was she?

“Apparently not enough for anyone to notice,” Margaret whispered dully. Shaking her head, she leaned her elbows on her desk and placed her face in her hand, waiting for Andy to finish whatever the hell he was doing. Glancing at the clock, she exhaled wearily; she was stuck in this relentless cycle.

“Care to tell me why you’re working on a Friday night?”

Andy’s voice came out of nowhere, startling Margaret out of her self- depreciating thoughts. After a second, she realized he was trying to make conversation and decided that even though he was a stranger, there would no harm in acquiescing. “I’m working because this work won’t get done by itself.”

“So, that means that you have to ah…how is it you say, stick around? Are you the only one who works in your department, Ms. Lewiston?”

Margaret felt the anger rise. He was mocking her loneliness and making her feel more pathetic than she already felt.  Who the hell did he think he was? Instead of letting her anger get the best of her, she replied, “What about you, Andy? Why are you working late?”

“Ah, I took someone’s place. He needed the night off.  I usually work in the day time, like most everyone else. You seem to be the only one working late most days.”

How would he know that? “That’s not true,” Margaret lied. She was livid but wasn’t quite ready to give him the business, “I go home.”

“Not according to the logs, Margaret. You’re here early in the morning and late at night. What does your boyfriend or husband has to say about his woman putting in those types of hours?”

“I suppose he’d hate it if there was one,” Margaret responded quietly. The fire that was previously burning in her belly had extinguished at the thought of her lonely existence and she exhaled heavily, rubbing her hand over her face as if she could scrub out the shitty parts of her life.  Ruminating over her life had been a sore spot and because she wanted to remain sane, she tried not to think about it often but Andy had shone a big ass flashlight on her pitiful life. Annoyed, she exhaled heavily and shook her head, “Look, are you going to be able to fix this or should I be looking for another job?”

“No need to look for job, Margaret. I can fix this. Will be just a moment, I will have to come to you…”

Margaret sat up stiffly and looked around at the darkened bull pen, suddenly hesitant about the situation. True, she was alone but she wasn’t willing to lay her life on the line…even if he sounded sexy as hell.

He could be some kind of maniac, preying on the innocent women of the world or maybe, just maybe…

“How long will it take you to get here, Andy?”

“Five minutes tops…”

“Alright, see you then,” Margaret responded as a sinful smirk inched over her lips. So she was contemplating seducing the IT guy, it wasn’t like she was hitting them out of the park. She’d give the dork some play and maybe, just maybe she wouldn’t have to resort to her battery operated boyfriend and her menagerie of indecent fantasies.

Game on.









 erase fear

Pupils dilated, sweaty palms, erratic heartbeat, and an overwhelming desire to flee. No, I’m not describing the act of falling in love (although it is very similar and equally harrowing). On the contrary, I have just described, in a nutshell, the fear that encapsulates me every time I sit at my computer and open up a new document. The dreaded blank page and blinking cursor that becomes a blaring reminder of what has yet to be said. With each passing second, the ever spindling branches of fear grow, drowning my thoughts, siphoning my courage.  Am I relevant? Do I have something to say? Better yet, will anyone care about what I have to say? Before I know it, hours have passed and not a single word has been written on that blank page. And I have been convicted anew simply because I was afraid to step out on faith, to claim that potential for greatness.

Yes, fear is that damn powerful.

Fear stopped me in my tracks, kept me from expressing, creating, sharing the very fiber of my being. I gave too much power to fear and in the end, it conquered me.

Not for long, however.fear2

I started postulating on what I was really afraid of. I can admit that there was some trepidation with pouring my soul out on that blank page, exposing my deepest secrets, desires, hopes and dreams in such an intimate manner, but if I were to be truthful with myself, that wasn’t the reason. The reason, I finally understood, was that I was afraid to look into myself, to see both the folly and the greatness of my being. I was afraid of what would be released, afraid that if I unlocked that potential, that no one would understand but all would judge.  I was afraid to see me. Fear crippled me in its totality, the doubts grew and you guessed it- that page remained blank. The ability to create depends on a modicum of freedom and yet here I was, enslaving myself to the binds of fear. It had to stop because for me to function like a normal human being, for me to live, I had to create. Naturally, I had to give fear his walking papers.

And that’s exactly what I did.  I faced those fears with the help of the three A’s: Anticipation, Anxiety, and Adrenaline. The moment I faced that blank page again, I experienced the anticipation of the flow of words, felt the anxiety of the power I was about to wield, and lastly, the adrenaline pulsating through my veins as I put it down.

Essentially, I gave fear a very big, very ostentatious one finger salute.

That’s not to say that fear doesn’t rear his ugly head anymore. With any new venture, he’s lurking around the corner, lying in wait, ready to strike. The key is, of course, to meet him face to face. Let him know that he’s welcome to come but it’s very likely that he won’t be staying for long.

Fear is intimidated by action. So the question is not can  you do it but if  you will do it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to do it.




The Final Segment of Danger Comes Close

Hello All,

Yes, it’s that time again!  The final segment of the Danger Project  has arrived.  Before I post, I would like to thank the illustrious Nikki Walker for allowing me the pleasure of participating, Deidra Ds Green, Cassandra Baker-Durham, and the other members of the Danger Project! I  have  enjoyed my time writing with these beautiful and talented ladies !  As for future endeavors ,  the path is unknown, but nothing’s impossible. You’ll just have to wait and see!

And without further ado, I present the  final segment of Danger Comes Close!

Segment 18


“HEY! HEY! HEY! Come on, come here!” Kyle waved his arm frantically in the air as he saw Jason’s shadowed body pushing through the compacted snow toward Jayde. With the bear focused on him and solely him, he hoped that Jason would act fast extracting Jayde and getting her to safety. In hindsight, he didn’t think this through but now that their roundabout plan was put into play, he had no choice but to see it through.


The bear meandered toward him lazily as if assessing the situation and Kyle couldn’t help but wonder if his bloody leg was adding fuel to this rapidly growing fire. There was no way he could outrun a bear, even if his leg wasn’t mangled beyond belief but he had to try.  He was on the last vestiges of his strength and his body was quickly failing him. As he saw it, if he died on this mountain, it wouldn’t be in vain and it sure as hell wouldn’t be at a man’s mercy.  Kyle trudged through the blinding snow, hearing the bear advance on him, praying that he would lead the beast as far away as possible from Jayde and Jason. It was the least he could do for bringing such terror and chaos to the sleepy mountain.


His teeth chattered as the winds howled around him but gratefully, he couldn’t really feel the blistering cold. He attributed that to the substantial blood he’d lost in the cabin; his body was succumbing but the adrenaline coursing through his body wouldn’t allow him to give up, not yet.


Kyle glanced over his shoulder, able to see more of the hulking mass that was now hot on his trail. Memories of his brother, their childhood flooded his thoughts and even though most of it had been shitty, he still smiled; glad for the moments he was given. The images seemed to come at will now, the brief wisps of respite and happiness suddenly overwhelming the hell his live had been. If he’d thought about it, long enough, he realized that his life hadn’t been that bad; sure he’d had his shares of ups and downs, but who hadn’t. What mattered is that he’d done his best to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. He’d done his job.


He could hear the heavy breath of the beast nearly at his neck and pushed further.  Ahead of him was a wide expanse of unmolested snow with no sight of an escape. It wouldn’t be long before his leg finally gave out on him and oddly, it seemed as if the bear knew it as well.  He would keep going until his last breath. The memory of Jayde’s luminous eyes burned through his thoughts and he pushed himself even harder. To save her, he would offer his life a million times over.




Jason scurried through the snow, hearing Kyle shouting at the bear, thankful for distraction.  Without the threat of the bear hovering over him, he could think clearer. The biting cold was already eating away at his strength but he wouldn’t stop until he’d freed Jayde, even though he was certain he’d be staring down the barrel of her impetuous anger. He was already on the bubble for kissing her, an act he hadn’t regretted in the least bit. For years, he watched and waited for the right time to reveal his feelings for her and somehow, facing certain danger and eminent death seemed to be the perfect catalyst. It was also the source of his foolhardy plan to keep Jayde out of harm’s way. Instead, she’d come within a hair of her own demise and he’d put her square in fate’s sights.


Yes, he was going to have to do some serious groveling but it would be worth it.


Finally reaching her, he slipped his hand in his pocket and grasped the tiny key, unlocking the cuffs quickly. When they fell away, Jason eyed Jayde with trepidation, waiting for her to explode.  The sudden flood of warmth and   her intoxicating scent filled his senses and with more relief than a little bit, he embraced her heartily, clutching her close to his body. She shivered in his arms and he could hear her tiny sniffles as she struggled to gather herself.  After a while, she stopped sniffling and pulled away from him, her eyes searching his.   Her brow furrowed and that was the only sign of trouble he got before she’d shoved him to the ground, hard.


“What the hell is your problem, Jason? What were you thinking to cuff me to a tree?” Jayde asked as  straddled him and  swung her arms in his direction. Jason, to his credit attempted to deflect her blows by holding up his arms but he was no match for her fury. “You….you asshole, I should kill you! You kiss me then you trap me? What kind of shit is that? “


“I thought I was doing you a favor,” Jason responded as he shielded himself from her blows. He grabbed her arms and held them at bay, staring into her wild eyes, “Would you stop for just a moment, Jayde?  The bear’s gone, you’re safe.”


Jason’s words caused her to pause for a second and lift her eyes toward the icy fields. In the distance, she could see the beast trotting away as if it were merely on a stroll. Exhaling heavily, she knocked Jason on his head before standing up, kicking him on the side. She was pissed at him for deceiving her but grateful that he’d been the one to save her. Glancing in the direction of the cabin, she then turned to Jason and asked, “I thought I heard Kyle.  Where is he, Jason?”


Jason shifted his gaze toward the blanket of snow and the disappearing bear, his shoulders sagging slightly. Jayde noticed and started to walk off only to have Jason grasp at her wrist. Even though she was giving him the death stare, he shook his head, “Don’t, Jayde. There’s nothing we can do for him now. When we get to the truck, I’ll use the radio and see if we can get a search party out to look for him.” Staring out in the darkness, Jason was remorseful that he couldn’t help Kyle.  As Jayde wrapped her arms around his waist, he exhaled wearily and watched as the bear  faded into the  night. He could only pray that a miracle had befallen the courageous man.




Jayde sat at the edge of the bed, staring out into nothingness as the images of her most recent nightmare cascaded through her mind.  She shivered slightly as she closed her eyes, willing the tears to remain at bay as she fought for a sliver of peace. After escaping the clutches of an abusive husband, she’d fallen neatly into the path of another dangerous situation. If not for Jason and the now missing in action agent, she knew she would be on a cold slab instead of about to be discharged from the hospital.  Life had its way of twisting the vines of decisions and she was grateful for the decisions that Kyle had made to keep her safe. While he’d been a complete stranger to her, she couldn’t help but feel some sort of camaraderie with the fallen agent; he’d risked his life to save hers. That was something she couldn’t take so lightly.


She’d waited for word of the agent’s whereabouts but as the nights bled into the days, she realized with a heavy heart that it was likely that Kyle hadn’t survived. It was with that thought that she finally allowed the tears to fall, only after vowing  that they would be the last tears to be shed in lieu of a loss.


Taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she wiped away the tears just as the door opened . She lifted her eyes and attempted a smile as Jason entered with a vibrant bouquet of flowers. A small chuckle erupted from her lips when he extended his arm first before approaching.


Running her hand through her hair, she asked, “What are you doing, Jason?”


Jason smiled and shrugged, “I thought I would employ a preemptive countermeasure, just in case you still feel the need to beat my ass.”


Jayde frowned and reached for the pillow, tossing it in his direction, barely missing him, “Damn right I’m still pissed at you, Jason. That bear could have  killed me! I’m still struggling to understand what the hell you were thinking.”


Jason groaned and rolled his eyes as he smirked widely. They’d been through this a million times since she’d been admitted for observation and even now on the millionth and one explanation, he could barely school his expression. The one thing he knew about Jayde, despite her massive temper, was that she loathed deceivers and while he’d take serious flack for years to come, he welcomed it gratefully if it meant that Jayde would be with him. Thus far, she hadn’t spoken on the moment they’d shared but he figured she was still in the throes of her ordeal to make sense of what had happened between them.


Just as Jason was about to approach, he heard the door open behind him and turned to see Kyle sitting in a wheelchair, his leg bandaged and his arm in a sling. Jason stared at him as Jayde rushed by him toward the agent, engulfing him in a tight embrace. Jason watched with interest as Jayde took her time in releasing him, her eyes searching Kyle’s as if she were ascertaining if he were real. There was something in her gaze, something that unnerved Jason and he frowned as he cleared his throat roughly.


“How in the world did you survive, man? We were sure that the bear got you,” Jason said as he moved toward them. Jayde was still holding on to the agent, her smile growing by the second.  He had to sever this sudden bond between them and do it quickly. “We sent a search party out for you.  They said that they didn’t find anything.”


Kyle stared at Jayde and grinned, his brow arching slightly. Captivated by her bright eyes, he sighed, “Apparently, I had something to live for.”


Jason didn’t miss the connotation of his words, catching and holding his gaze, “You must have some story to tell, agent.”


Kyle smiled more and shifted his gaze to Jayde, “Man, you don’t know the half of it.”