“I’ve failed over and over  and that is why I succeed”- Michael Jordan



We’ve all faced it before at some point in our lives; some have been ruled by it while others have merely trampled over it in their quest to achieve more. Failure is funny that way. It could inspire or discourage, infuse with tenacity or settle with the weight of defeat. Yes, failure is powerful- just as much as fear. In fact, failure and fear are one in the same; both can devour potential if only given an inch. One hand feeds the other with those two; failing because of fear is just as potent as the fear of failure. Both could stop even the mightiest in their tracks- if they allowed it to fester.

And that’s the gist of it my friends.

We must never allow failure to be the final option. If anything, failure should be the catalyst for trying again. This world is filled with people who would not- did not- allow failure to define them. In their humble (or even not so humble) beginnings, they weren’t instant innovators, clever wordsmiths, or even the most profound intellects. They had their moments of doubt, their false starts.

They had their failures.

They failed just like we do.failure

They failed just like I do.

It’s a part of the human experience- we try, we fail, and we try again. It’s a vicious cycle, true, but the potential for greatness, for absolute success resides in not just the hard work alone. It is the in the temerity of the individual to face failure head on, get acquainted, and then leave it in the dust as we try again. I’ve done it, several times.  With each work in progress, sentence written, blank page, chapters written, I’ve faced fear and failure. It’s painful, irritating, and yet profoundly invigorating. Each failure sews the seeds of  determination, inspiration (and in some instances) calamity. Yet, I do not stop, I do not quit. I simply cannot- not if I want to achieve my goals.

That is the name of the game in life- if we fall, we must get up again. If we fail, it is solely because we refuse to get up and dust ourselves off.  It is then that we have truly realized the scope of failure.

The question is do you have the courage to try…again?



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