Going the Distance . . .

Brilliantly stated analysis of the quandary of a writer in transition.



I am having the hardest time with I Am Yours. I know that’s not what you want to hear right now but it’s true and it is not because I don’t love the people or the journey these two people (Amara and Noah) have embarked upon. It’s because it’s taking so darn long to tell their story. They are complicated and in a complicated predicament and I’ve grown a little impatient with them.

I didn’t realize it until someone pointed out to me that I am the kind of writer that gets an idea inspired by something and then I sit down and run with it. I can come up with something from a prompt which is highly creative of me but that does not a novel make. A novel takes the discipline to stay with the story even when that inspiration has fizzled and died. This is not…

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